Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason


An interesting article was published last month by “The Policy.”

It’s a heck of a piece and its full of really eye-opening points. More to think about here. And more fodder for wondering why our system of politics could be so broken that nearly every other view of Hillary could be so diametrically opposed to the views here.

It’ll be an interesting election season.

[Hat tip to my lovely wife Paula for pointing this piece out to me.]

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Sailing Camp 2016

The girls just finished a week long sailing camp at Coyote Point.  It was a marvelous time for them.  They both feel comfortable and competent managing a ship under sail power.  For those that care to see pictures of the final race competition an album is up over at Flickr.

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Our CyberDefense is Not Good Enough to Protect this Technology

Someone has tought a computer to fly a plane. Someone has taught a computer to fly a fighter plane. Someone has taught a computer to fly a fighter plane in a dog fight and beat the US military’s top dog-fight instructors.

That’s terrifying.

Imagine if that technology got into the hands of a terrorist. Imagine if a hacker gained control of a squadron of Navy fighter jets. The 9/11 terrorists needed to attend 9 months of flight school before they could embark on their mission. Now that the computer can run the planes themselves, there is no need for specialized knowledge. You just need a hacker.

I’ll say it again….That’s terrifying.

Our Cyber-Defense capabilities are not good enough to protect this technology.

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Stripe’s New Delaware Incorporation in a Box is Impressive

For $500 (as of the time of this post), subscribers to Stripe Atlas can incorporate in Delaware, get a tax ID number and open a bank account. That’s amazing.

Of course, the catch is that you have to use their service for your payment processing.

Regardless of that catch, I hope they can keep it up.


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Uber: Soooo, that seems like a down round to me….

Did Uber just have a down round?

From the Mercury News (June 2, 2016):

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber said Wednesday it has raked in $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s national investment arm, a deal that sets a record as the largest U.S. funding round for a private, venture-backed company.

The massive investment is remarkable even for Uber, which consistently has raised staggering amounts of cash at sky-high valuations while undergoing explosive global growth. Under terms of the deal, Uber will maintain its valuation of $62.5 billion and its position as the most valuable private company in the world.

“Maintain it’s valuation”? Really?

It looks like Uber just sold another FIVE and ONE-HALF PERCENT of the company and took in another $3.5 BILLION in cash and had no increase in valuation. That sounds like a dilutive down-round to me.

Isn’t Uber the “healthiest” unicorn?

Is this the beginning of a private market downdraft?

I sure hope not.

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