Well, our daughter was born on Monday, April 14, 2003 at 7:09am in San Jose, CA. The whole experience was amazing (I know that “amazing” is so cliche when it comes to a birth, but I am still without words…even six weeks later). The key (of course) was my wife, who was simply wonderful…the epitome of calm and relaxed and open and without expecations or preconceptions. The key supporting cast member was an absolutely honoring, strong, calm, intuative and caring midwife named Monika. If any of you are blessed to come across this woman, I hope that you enjoy the meeting…I know we did.

Malena (Ma-lay-na) is now six weeks old. I hear that she is quite a happy baby, but when I see her (mostly in the evening) she usually has her eyes screwed shut and her mouth wide open (screaming)!

I am beginning to take this a little personally. When I pick her up, she screams. When I change her diaper, she screams. When I try to put her to bed, she screams. When my wife does any of these things, Malena quiets down as soon as my wife touches her. How does that work? I know that my wife is beginning to hate the fact that her “job description” is becoming set in stone. So, it seems that nothing is entirely good or bad. It would be great for both my wife and I if Malena would let me take care of her. Of course, if I was a typical male, I would be seceretly jumping up and down that I don’t have to do the Mr. Mom thing…but then a big part of me wants to do that stuff. You can’t win for losing.