A Few Scary Statistics

Another Video — perhaps I should just be OK with this as a video blog….please leave a comment with your thoughts on whether you like or don’t like that I post so many videos…perhaps the mere fact that you are still here is a vote “FOR” videos….perhaps I should just chill out and quit worrying what you all think.

In any event, here is a presentation on the information explosion — scary stuff.

Props to Dan.

9 Replies to “A Few Scary Statistics”

  1. When Shift Happens, I say cook a nice meal, crack a good bottle of wine, sit at table with loved ones and take joy in the things that technology cannot make obsolete.

  2. That was enlightening. I have to say that none of the information really scared me, but it some of the facts are very sobering. Makes me think about how much the world has changed since I was a kid and makes me realize that, as great as that change may be, it’s nothing compared to what my kids are going to experience.

  3. Amen to that…I am watching my 3 year old devour information. In contrast to when I grew up…there is so much more available to her. I can only hope that I help her find down-time (or offline time) too…just like food…she probably needs time to digest.

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