Why do you join discussions?

I’ve gotten into a somewhat lengthy dialogue with a reader in a prior post on this blog. Not that many of you would understand, but a serious conversation with a reader is a new one for me…me the one with few readers.

That dialogue caused me to ask a fundamental question: “What causes you to reply to a post?”

For me, the more specific the points made in the post (assertions or facts) and the more passionate the post, the more compelling is my desire to interact.

Is it the same for you?

I ask this because I have written far more articulate and compelling posts and received next to no discourse. This particular post was thrown up as an after-thought following on a You-Tube video that I thought was interesting.

To all those writers among you…how do you churn up discourse?

This is cross-posted to 9Rules. Answers accepted in either place.

9 Replies to “Why do you join discussions?”

  1. hello Jerry, As I said over at 9rules, I think the best way to get conversation going (and the one that seemed to happen with my blog) is to go over to other sites and comment on things you find interesting. People often come over and do the same. Except, I must warn you that the most recent thing I wrote on casual carpooling with the white rabbit is NOT really up to the standard set by someone who can have such a smart discussion about the compressed air car. xo, BL

  2. I believe that I am getting such a response on the other post specifically because it is NOT a smart discussion. I am a novice and I get to ask questions….and make stupid observations. And I have found someone (or he has found me) that is not so annoyed as to stop returning.

  3. J.J.

    Posting is a mystery. Sometimes I think I get more responses from the things I write that are subpar. Maybe people only post when they have something about which they can argue or correct. A solid piece must discourage posts.

    Maybe, when we’re Grand Masters of the Blogosphere we’ll know the secrets to the mysteries. But by then we’ll have too many posts to reply anyway.



  4. Wondering who “BC” is…

    Isn’t there an edit button for you? Of course, I am logged in as an admin so I get an edit button for all posts. There is an edit button for commenters, isn’t there?

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