IQ²US — Global Warming is Not a Crisis

I first discovered IQ² (the UK version) on Audible with a wonderful debate entitled “Tyrants Should Be Left Free to Tyrannise Their Own People.” For those of you that don’t know what IQ² (Intelligence Squared) is, it can be best summed up as an oxford-style debate where 3 panelists are chosen to advocate in favor of a particular proposition and 3 others are chosen to oppose it. And, of course, the propositions are designed to be inflammatory. After listening to “Tyrants Should Be Left Free to Tyrannise Their Own People” I was truly shaken from my naive knee-jerk “no”. And, I was hooked.

I now see that IQ² has wandered across the Atlantic and that NPR is broadcasting the US version of these debates. I am listening right now to the debate “Global Warming is Not a Crisis.” And, as you will see from the links below, I am offering that you too listen to this debate as well. But, I have two comments before you do so. First, the “edited version” is not all that compelling — it is too choppy, but if you only want an overview of the debate, this is a convenient format. Second, while I admit that I am a bit biased in favor of those opposing the motion, I believe that those that support the motion dodge the core questions a bit more than I prefer. Yes, I believe that poverty is a disastrous problem. I just do not believe that poverty being a disastrous problem is an appropriate assertion in support of the proposition that Global Warming is Not a Crisis.

Oh, and one other item…I was shocked to find out that the two polls (the one taken before the debate and the one taken after the debate) showed an increase in those (egad) supporting the motion.

So, enough of my prejudicing your views…here for you to decide for yourself, I present the IQ²US Debate — Global Warming is Not a Crisis.

Edited Version: [audio:20070321_specials_iq2radio.mp3]

Unedited Version (external application will launch):
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