So, I returned my iPod Touch to the Firmware 1.1.3 jail that it occupied briefly before its flirtation with “AppTapp freedom” using Nate’s soft upgrade technique.

The reason I went back is a surprise even to me…it’s the $20 upgrade.

In case you are curious, the $20 iPod upgrade does not install on a jailbroken iPod…and this has been confirmed by a number of different sources — and I too can add my confirmation that the $20 iPod upgrade will not install. Apparently, the issue is that Nate’s jailbreak doesn’t play well with “Nikita” (an application authentication subroutine in 1.1.3).

Why do I care?

Well, it’s not the apps that I am after…the 1.1.2 version of all the the “front-end apps” are in the AppTapp installer.

Instead, its the little feature of adding icons for facebook, twitter, Google reader, Mint Stats, etc. to the home page. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t care about the wiggly icons…and I don’t care about re-arranging the Springboard (I can do that with the Customize app). No, it is simply being able to put bookmarks on the home screen in an easy and efficient manner.

I have come to like that feature…even more than I like Labyrinth and Mobile Scrobbler (the only two native apps that I miss now that I am back in jail).

So, I await a later jailbreak method (and one that can permit loading of the $20 upgrade). And, of course, I await the SDK.