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Successful Jailbreak of an iPod from 1.1.3

So here is a quick note to elaborate what is shown in updates on other posts.

My iPod is out of the Firmware 1.1.3 jail, DRM (Nikita) works and my recently purchased $20 apps are happily working away right next to the “”.

I used these instructions.  I would commend those that use the instructions to read them all the way through before doing anything.

Also, I must note that the “” program that I ran in Terminal terminated with errors (something about “failure to create a directory”) and I had to do a hard re-boot of the iPod to get it restarted.  If you have the same experience, I will recommend this….before you do the reboot, wait for at least 15 minutes after Terminal announces that you have been logged out of your iPod.  And then, don’t panic if you see the grey Apple logo for a long time on your iPod….it will go away AFTER a number of minutes (5-10?).  In any event, the instructions worked for me…and if at first they don’t work for you…try them again…following every single step.

Thanks to the dev team and to the drafter of the instructions.  Great work all!


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