Pangea Day Banners

From now until May 10th, this website will be running banners for Pangea Day. Sometime soon, I will write a real post on the event and even possibly propose to host a gathering at our house. However, right now I am exhausted from working way too hard and can’t think any straighter than to encourage you to check out their site. I know that Paula and I are already way too booked for that weekend (she with the Berkeley Opera performance and all), but I will find some way to make the time as it certainly looks to be a worthy devotion of that scarce resource. More later, but in the meantime, two very different tastes….

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  1. May 10 is Anne’s birthday. She’ll be happy to know that so many people will be celebrating on that day, even if they think they’re observing Pangea day and don’t realize they’re actually celebrating her birthday.

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