There is this remarkable conference that is held in Monterey, California once a year. It is the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference — otherwise known as “TED.”

TED brings together shockingly compelling speakers and listeners to discuss more or less everything under the sun. The moniker for the conference is “Ideas Worth Spreading.” And…well…that moniker is pretty much right on target.

I’m writing this post to let you know that these lectures are are now available in podcast and streaming forms.

If you have not found TED yet, please add it to the list of replacements for that mindless sitcom on which you waste your precious time. In fact, these lectures are really so compelling that I am sad only that it has taken me so long to discover them.

So, without delaying you further from experiencing that which I have found addictive, I provide the following taste and encourage you to move on from there.

UPDATE: Here is another from 2006.

UPDATE: Here is Al Gore’s new slide show — from 2008: