Mastercard and a Guy Named Scott Quigley

It may very well be that there are many guys named Scott Quigley.

I was introduced to one, very cool, guy named Scott Quigley by my friend Barry Weiss. This “Friend of Weiss” Scott Quigley lives somewhere in Michigan.

Now, this “Friend of Weiss” Scott Quigley is probably not the guy that put this video together (at the end of the video the director’s name is listed as Scott Quigley), but if he is, I owe him a beer — maybe 2.

This is hilarious.

And yes, I have a daughter, and yes, I am days away from the birth of another.

Two thoughts occurred to me after watching this video. First, I hope that my younger (not yet born daughter) is as cool as the younger girl in this video. Second, and most of all, I hope that I am as cool as this Dad when my daughters are teenagers.

We can only hope.

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  1. my name is scott quigley, i live in mich. know some weiss' but i did not do this vid. seen it few times sent to me by some friends..later dude

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