Paula’s New Website

I just finished the first draft of Paula’s new website.

The devil is, of course, in the details….and I have no idea what I am doing. Nonetheless, I am realively pleased with the initial results.

Yes Richard, IRS Agents Do Watch TV

I am shocked when normal people think that they can dodge the IRS and hide income. But this strains credibility. Richard Hatch made the money in question in front of 20 million or so viewers. How could he think that the IRS wouldn’t notice?

Charges / Plea Agreement

Testa Disbands

All I can say is WOW.

I know that Dick’s death was a blow. I also know that Robin and group did not like the direction in which the firm was heading. And we all miss Dean. But disbanding?!? WOW.

May their path forward be easier than Brobeck’s.

Why so long since the last time?

And why pick such a wierd topic (Konfabulator/Dashboard) to drag me back to my blog? Who knows. The rainy weather? The break in the rainy weather? Re-reading my old blogs? Finishing Villa Incognito? Who knows. Who cares. I am glad I’m back.

So I am a little late to the game….

I have been re-energized in my enjoyment of all things Mac by the recent MacWorld Expo. I have been spending time exploring (and anticipating) Tiger. All is good.

And then I come across and RSS feed on cool tools for OS X. I am introduced to Konfabulator. Given how tricked out my Firefox is, it is shocking how I did not find Konfabulator earlier. But then I asked the obvious question. Is this Dashboard? Sorry I am late to this one.

All I can say is that I was intially outraged by the MacWorld article. I am glad I found the Dennis Sellers blog.

All I can do is chalk this one up to being way out of the loop. For now, I will just watch. Oh, but this morning I paid my $20 to Arlo….he deserves it. AND I will buy Tiger.