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Apple WWDC Keynote

The keynote is coming! The keynote is coming!

And, of course, my wife needs a new phone. Convenient timing.

I presume that Scoble will be blogging/vlogging from the event live? I hope so. Did I mention that my wife needs a new phone? [sigh.]

Successful Jailbreak of an iPod from 1.1.3

So here is a quick note to elaborate what is shown in updates on other posts.

My iPod is out of the Firmware 1.1.3 jail, DRM (Nikita) works and my recently purchased $20 apps are happily working away right next to the “”.

I used these instructions.  I would commend those that use the instructions to read them all the way through before doing anything.

Also, I must note that the “” program that I ran in Terminal terminated with errors (something about “failure to create a directory”) and I had to do a hard re-boot of the iPod to get it restarted.  If you have the same experience, I will recommend this….before you do the reboot, wait for at least 15 minutes after Terminal announces that you have been logged out of your iPod.  And then, don’t panic if you see the grey Apple logo for a long time on your iPod….it will go away AFTER a number of minutes (5-10?).  In any event, the instructions worked for me…and if at first they don’t work for you…try them again…following every single step.

Thanks to the dev team and to the drafter of the instructions.  Great work all!

Yes Virginia…Apparently, You CAN Have Everything!

I just found a thread offering a fix to an old problem in the iPod calendar program and (in another thread) a stray comment from someone who obviously knew what he was doing but did not elaborate sufficiently…and voila! I have both a jailbroken ipod and the $20 apps.

In my not so humble opinion, this is a HUGE problem for Apple. How can they sell something that is so easy to obtain for free?

Nevertheless, I don’t feel very bad about the hack because I did upgrade to a “clean” (“jailed”) version of firmware 1.1.3 and while there, I did give $20 to Apple.

In any event, the key is to add:

…in just the right spot in a certain file.

With the above links and the above code…you should be able to get this to work…and if you have no idea what I am talking about, you should wait for a better jailbreak. Either way…in my humble opinion…you should PAY APPLE THE $20.

Enough said.


UPDATE (January 26, 2008): I just realized that DRM is broke. While I can use the $20 apps, I cannot play any of my iTunes purchased music. Sigh.


SECOND UPDATE (January 28, 2008): After much wasted time with other instructions and jailbreak efforts….the aptly named “definitive” 1.1.3 iPod jailbreak instructions (which can be found HERE) have broken my iPod out of its 1.1.3 jail…with full DRM as well as the $20 apps.

Back in the iPod Firmware 1.1.3 Jail

So, I returned my iPod Touch to the Firmware 1.1.3 jail that it occupied briefly before its flirtation with “AppTapp freedom” using Nate’s soft upgrade technique.

The reason I went back is a surprise even to me…it’s the $20 upgrade.

In case you are curious, the $20 iPod upgrade does not install on a jailbroken iPod…and this has been confirmed by a number of different sources — and I too can add my confirmation that the $20 iPod upgrade will not install. Apparently, the issue is that Nate’s jailbreak doesn’t play well with “Nikita” (an application authentication subroutine in 1.1.3).

Why do I care?

Well, it’s not the apps that I am after…the 1.1.2 version of all the the “front-end apps” are in the AppTapp installer.

Instead, its the little feature of adding icons for facebook, twitter, Google reader, Mint Stats, etc. to the home page. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t care about the wiggly icons…and I don’t care about re-arranging the Springboard (I can do that with the Customize app). No, it is simply being able to put bookmarks on the home screen in an easy and efficient manner.

I have come to like that feature…even more than I like Labyrinth and Mobile Scrobbler (the only two native apps that I miss now that I am back in jail).

So, I await a later jailbreak method (and one that can permit loading of the $20 upgrade). And, of course, I await the SDK.

Upgrading to iPhone/iPod Firmware 1.1.3


As I weigh the decision between (i) waiting for the iPod firmware 1.1.3 jailbreak to be released and (ii) and upgrading to firmware 1.1.3 / plunking down $20 for the iPhone apps, it occurs to me that Apple has made it hard on me again. But not in a bad way.

The fact that I am even considering this decision is testement to how well Apple is playing this one.

Of course, I would love it if Apple would let the iPod Touch and the iPhone out of the walled garden…but they…and for that matter, Facebook…probably have pretty good reasons for keeping the walls so strong around their respective “gardens”. And so, facilitation of a purely organic open source following is probably too much to ask for in advance of the SDK.

So as I consider, I ask myself which apps will I miss in the absence of a “jailbreak”. All I can come up with are frivolous apps: Labyrinth (which I have paid for), Sketches (which my daughters love), Mobile Scrobbler (but I would be shocked if were not in the first round of official apps), RSS and Mobilecast (neither of which I use as much as I should), and perhaps, Mixup.

Frankly, all of the apps that are “must haves” for me are all included in the $20 app pack sold by Apple.

So, what to do?

I am leaning strongly toward rewarding Apple for all the hard work on the iPhone apps (which, technically, were not priced into my iPod Touch) and paying the $20. Apple is doing good work and I like paying for good work.

Yes, I am bummed at Apple for keeping the iPhone and the iPod Touch inside a walled garden, but not enough to dodge paying them for some really good work. And now that I have the opportunity to pay for the work…but then, on the other hand, there are reports of problems with firmware 1.1.3…of course, I have to remember that my iPod doesn’t have bluetooth or external speakers and so these “problems” may be largely irrelevant to me….

What to do. What to do.

And for those that are wondering….NO, Apple does not let you pay for the iPhone apps unless you have already upgraded to firmware 1.1.3. So I can’t pay unless I upgrade…or I would have paid them already (even without upgrading).

Thoughts, criticism, question? Drop them into the comments.

UPDATE: The dev team as found a second jailbreak and reports indicate that they will release that one soon. [Props to the “OurPhone’ blog]


SECOND UPDATE (January 28, 2008): After much wasted time with other instructions and jailbreak efforts….the aptly named “definitive” 1.1.3 iPod jailbreak instructions (which can be found HERE) have broken my iPod out of its 1.1.3 jail…with full DRM as well as the $20 apps.

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