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Ryancare in Place of Obamacare: Is This What the Working Class White Trump Voter Really Wanted?

From an Editorial in yesterday’s New York Times:

In a half-baked policy paper released on Thursday, the House speaker, Paul Ryan, trotted out washed-up ideas for “improving” the country’s health care system that would do anything but. For example, the paper calls for reducing spending on Medicaid, which now provides insurance to more than 74 million poor, disabled and older people. Many millions of them would be cast out of the program. The Republican plan would also force most people who don’t get their health insurance through an employer to pay more by slashing subsidies that the A.C.A., or Obamacare, now provides. The proposal would allow families to sock away more money in health savings accounts, which may sound good at first but would primarily benefit affluent people who can afford to save more.

If even half of these assertions are true, this modification of Obamacare looks like a disaster for the stereotypical Trump voter. And, just so no one is misled, I am not trying to set up an “I told you so” taunt.  I’d much rather that the Trump voters force their President to actually work for his voters.

Notwithstanding the possibility that I likely will financially benefit from the repeal of Obamacare, 45 is clearly NOT creating a society in which I want to live.

And I will not be appeased until 45 actually starts helping people (other than himself) — and yes, I want him to help people even if that help is a financial drain on the affluent portion of society.

It Used To Be That Robots Couldn’t Do Everything

For the longest time, in the clothing industry, you needed some actual human to actually sew a garment together. That was because fabric was flexible and a robot couldn’t manage it into and through a sewing machine.

All that just changed.

Oh and did you see the video showing the robot teaching itself how to play a children’s ball in cup game? It’s terrifying.

Change can be Frightening

In today’s NY Times, David Brooks wrote a piece that ended with this:

The Democrats may have just dominated a game we are no longer playing.

Both conventions featured one grieving parent after another. The fear of violent death is on everybody’s mind — from ISIS, cops, lone sociopaths. The essential contract of society — that if you behave responsibly things will work out — has been severed for many people.

It could be that in this moment of fear, cynicism, anxiety and extreme pessimism, many voters may have decided that civility is a surrender to a rigged system, that optimism is the opiate of the idiots and that humility and gentleness are simply surrendering to the butchers of ISIS. If that’s the case then the throes of a completely new birth are upon us and Trump is a man from the future.

If that’s true it’s not just politics that has changed, but the country.

I’m worried he could be right and that we might all pay for it. But, maybe that’s just me being afraid of change.

I’ll have to give that a bit more thought.

Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason


An interesting article was published last month by “The Policy.”

It’s a heck of a piece and its full of really eye-opening points. More to think about here. And more fodder for wondering why our system of politics could be so broken that nearly every other view of Hillary could be so diametrically opposed to the views here.

It’ll be an interesting election season.

[Hat tip to my lovely wife Paula for pointing this piece out to me.]

Uber: Soooo, that seems like a down round to me….

Did Uber just have a down round?

From the Mercury News (June 2, 2016):

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber said Wednesday it has raked in $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s national investment arm, a deal that sets a record as the largest U.S. funding round for a private, venture-backed company.

The massive investment is remarkable even for Uber, which consistently has raised staggering amounts of cash at sky-high valuations while undergoing explosive global growth. Under terms of the deal, Uber will maintain its valuation of $62.5 billion and its position as the most valuable private company in the world.

“Maintain it’s valuation”? Really?

It looks like Uber just sold another FIVE and ONE-HALF PERCENT of the company and took in another $3.5 BILLION in cash and had no increase in valuation. That sounds like a dilutive down-round to me.

Isn’t Uber the “healthiest” unicorn?

Is this the beginning of a private market downdraft?

I sure hope not.

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