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The Post American World

At the recommendation of Fred Wilson over at Union Square Ventures, today I began reading (well, actually, listening via Audible to) The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria.

I am only about an hour into the book, but I must say that it is a fascinating read.  Certainly, there is nothing surprising here, however, the book is bringing its thesis out of the nagging corners of my mind and into the daylight of front-and-center conscious thought.

I also agree that the following picture — which spurred Fred’s read of the book — provides a fresh ray of hope.  I believe that this book can help us (and apparently those that could lead us) see ourselves and our country on the world stage in a new context — in a context of what’s coming, rather than in a context of what has been.

As I approach the remaining 7 hours of this book, my hope and curiosity is sparked afresh.


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  1. Fielding

    Fareed Zakaria is an effete, anti-American snob with a head too large to get through a set of double doors.

    His pseudoacademic double speak doesn't play in middle America. He reminds me of the character in 1984 who mindlessly spouts Big Brother's talking points as a matter of obsessive (twitchy) habit rather than actual thought. I once saw Peter Jennings have to cut him off and shut him up in an interview because he was babbling about nobody knew what.

    It bothers me a little that our president read this book while campaigning, but it comes as no surprise. Barack Obama is a narcissist, a race-baiting Kenyan impostor and a would-be dictator, bent on trashing America to gain favor with world of jealous nations. To ruin with the both of them.

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